As a chauffeur or a car cleaning expert, the need to know some car hack cannot be exaggerated. It is ideal that you ought to know of alternative means of a car maintenance. Most of the resources around you, can serve you best only if you know how to use them effectively. And guess what, you just clicked the right link. Below are 25 car hacks you need to know about;

1. Toothpaste for cloudy headlights.

Apply a little toothpaste to the plastic lens of the car’s headlights. Cover it for some five minutes. Then rub the paste on the lens in circular motion until it’s clear. Rinse off with clean water to remove the soap and dirt.

2. Nail polish to cover up small chips and scratches.

As soon as you learn of a scratch on your car, get a nail polish or HVLP paint spray that blends with the coating on the car then apply it to cover the scratch. This will serve well if you do not have the original color of your car from the manufacturer.

3. Plastic container as a trash can.

Food wrappers, used receipts, dirty polythene bags can be a syndrome of carelessness. A plastic container for trash is necessary. Not only is it affordable, but also hygienic. Give it a try.

4. Newspapers to remove stickers.

A leaf of newspaper dipped in warm water then placed on top of the sticker so that the warm water penetrates into the sticker will certainly cause it to fall after ten minutes. This is an amazing way to peel off stickers off your car.

5. An app that serves as a reminder.

Sometime one completely forgets where they parked. The ‘’I parked here’’ app can help you trace your car using a GPS, images and captures. It could also tell you whether you parked indoor or outdoor.

6. Alcohol as wiper blades booster.

Wiper blades can be a disappointment when they leave watermarks on the windscreen. Therefore, apply some alcohol on the rubber of the blades, to give a clear and smoother wipe on the windscreen.

7. Vinegar for stain remover.

Some vinegar can be clear off non acidic stains. The solution does not leave corrosion or scratches.

8. Old screw driver.

Find an old screw driver that is blunt and thin then wrap a cloth around it to scoop all the dirt in the crevices and deep folds of the car.

9. Conditioner for a gleaming appearance.

Not just any conditioner but one with lanoline can do wonders in giving your car a sparkling look. Apply someone cloth then wipe on the outside of the car to give it a shiny finish.

10. Toothbrushes .

Toothbrushes can be very effective when cleaning curved surfaces that cannot be covered by bigger brushes. They can clean up openings and inward curves much better.

11. Olive oil.

The leather of you seats need to always look fresh and strong. Olive oil can truly bring out the grimy and greasy feeling of leather, when applied in small amount once in a while.

12. Steel wool.

Some dirt are so stubborn, they need to be scrubbed off hard. Steel wool being an abrasive can do away with stuck stain. Just be cautious with the surfaces and the windows as it as it might scratch the surface.

13. Car mats.

The car marts must be cleaned once in a while. After removing then from the car, scrub them thoroughly, then rinse .Clean mats boost a car’s appearance.

14. Staple remover.

It could help one in fixing a ring on the right key ring without pinching you fingers and fingernails. Just put the teeth of the remover between the two rings and press it down to separate.

15. Banging doors on the garage?

You must know how close you are from the garage wall when getting in and out of the car. Glue a pool noodle at the specific height where the door meets the wall. This will prevent chipping off and dents on the surface.

16. Dryer sheets.

After a long trip, some dirt could get stuck on your car. Wet the dryer sheet and wipe the surface clean to give it a new look.

17. Plunger to remove dents.

Dents cause the surface to curve inwards giving it a rugged look. A plunger can pull back the surface into shape. You better have one.

18. Tinted plastics as movable shades.

That low angled sun could ruin your sight temporarily .Hence you need this to shield you from unwanted light and have a smooth ride.

19. Hanged tennis ball for a parking guide.

If you can’t tell the distance between the front of your car and the garage wall, you need this tactic. To make it effective the ball has to hang in the middle of the windscreen.

20. Getting lost?

When you get lost, you will be forced to consume a lot of fuel trying to trace the right path. Always have a GPS on to help you in locations and bearings.

21. Razorblades for windscreen

It can be used in many ways. If you have no other alternative, you can use it to scrape off any bugs on the windscreen that cannot be removed by the wiper blades.

22. Alcohol hand sanitizer

Can be effective on door locks that could be frozen due to overnight moisture. Just pour some amount on the lock and give it time to crack the frozen moisture. The lock will finally bow down to pressure.

23. Clay bar

Want some well-done job? Use clay bar to remove the built-in dirt by rubbing it on the surface after washing. It will also give the car a nice finish.

24. Foam brush.

That small brush used for painting could clear up the mess in between the slots of the vent and the dirt hanging around.

25. Window cleaning.

It must be from up, downwards. Roll it down, then grime its top, working downwards. This prevents the dirt from spreading all over.

You don’t have to give your hard earned nickel, to get some services. Be creative and spare the dime. I hope you find the tips helpful. All the best!

By Editor