better driver

Your driving skills play a pivotal role in ensuring traffic safety, not just for yourself, your friends and family, but also for everyone else you come in contact with. And while skill and experience are crucial, there are other ways you can improve your driving expertise and provide a more enjoyable experience for all traffic participants by introducing smart fit-outs into your vehicle.

Let’s take a look at the five best car hacks that will make you a better driver!

Go hands-free

Driving and talking on the phone should not be two mutually exclusive tasks, and while you should devote your full attention to the road, you can also answer your phone and eliminate any blind spots by introducing a smartphone holder on your dashboard.

Holding a phone while driving is dangerous in many ways, requiring you to divide your attention in order to manage two different tasks, thus creating a blind spot in your peripheral vision, Dividing your concentration between your conversation partner and the road can hinder your physical abilities and reflexes due to numerous distractions.

You can ensure your safety and the safety of others by putting in a phone holder and synchronizing it with the commands on your steering wheel, allowing you to answer calls and even type text messages via voice recognition.

Position your mirrors right

Contrary to old teachings, side rear-view mirrors should be positioned in such a way that neither side of your car is visible from the driver’s seat. If you can see either side of your car while driving, you are creating dangerous blind spots and handicapping your field of view.

The inside mirror should reflect the entire width of the road behind you, while the side mirrors should be positioned so that they portray the reflection of other cars as soon as they switch lanes. This will allow you to focus on the road and avoid having to turn your head to check blind spots and whether it’s safe to switch lanes.

Fill the gas tank properly

There are numerous little tricks and hacks that could promote the longevity of your vehicle and save you time and money, one of which is how to properly gas up your car. You might be tempted to squeeze the trigger as hard as you can to get the gas into the car quickly so that you could be on your way; however, holding the trigger only halfway will make sure you are steadily pumping gas and avoid the risk of showing air into the reservoir.

Mind the tyres

Tire maintenance, check-upsand replacements are essential for ensuring road safety and top performance. Not only should you have a spare tyre in your trunk along with a replacement toolkit just in case something goes awry, but you should also make a pit stop at a gas station to refill your tires. Luckily, Australia has thousands of gas stations to cover all of your needs no matter where you’re headed. Make sure not to overinflate your tires; otherwise, your car will turn into a bouncing monster truck in no time.

Finally, tyres don’t have to cost you a fortune. Australians are increasingly taking an interest in getting their hands on quality tyres without paying a fortune and cheap tyres in Sydney that are both durable and economic are becoming more and more common.

Keep an emergency kit

Lastly, if you are taking prolonged road trips or if you are commuting long distances, you want to keep an emergency kit in the trunk of your car consisting of first aid kits, water bottles, nutritious snacks, blankets, toilet paper, sanitizers and other roadside necessities.

Road safety depends on your driving expertise as much as it depends on the skills of other traffic participants, and while nothing can guarantee you absolute safety and comfort, you can easily become a better, more confident driver by introducing these effective car hacks that could end up saving your life.

By Editor