Transmission Leak Repair

One of the essential roles of being a car owner is that you must keep a close eye on the performance of the vehicle. All its components should function efficiently. A sign of damage or malfunction demands immediate attention. One of the key components that ensures the seamless functioning of the car is the automatic transmission system. This blog focuses on key signs of problems that demand transmission leak repair.

Warning signs that demand transmission leak repair:

If you drive between 60,000 and 100,000 miles, you need to change the transmission fluid.  But there can be a situation when there is leakage in the transmission fluid. You have to look for the best car service centre that can provide you with good transmission leak repair. The following segment highlights the problem areas:

Reddish fluid underneath your car:

Well, one of the easiest ways to identify if there is leakage in the transmission system is when you notice reddish fluid underneath your car. This is transmission fluid, and if this fluid is brownish in colour, it means that the fluid is burned. It shows that the transmission system needs repair immediately. Do not ignore transmission leaks if you notice this fluid leaking from your car, because your safety depends on it.

Bad transmission pan gasket:

The automatic transmission vehicle has a transmission pan where the transmission fluid is stored. A mechanical seal is present between the pan and the transmission, which is called a transmission pan gasket. This seal prevents the transmission fluid from passing into the transmission. In the event that the gasket is damaged, the fluid will start leaking out. Ignoring a problem for too long can result in major damage, and you may need to go for a gasket replacement. In this case, you will have to contact the transmission leak repair service provider.

Cracked torque pump:

It circulates the transmission fluid in the entire transmission system. If this pump is damaged, the flow of transmission fluid in the entire system gets hampered, impacting the functioning of the car. Hence, you must not ignore this fact. During the transmission repair, the technician will closely observe it and make the necessary changes to fix the issue.

Damaged transmission pan:

The transmission pan is designed to last a long , but sometimes there can be an issue with it. This pan is attached to the transmission through fasteners and has at least one drain plug. If there is any damage to any of this, then it can result in transmission leakage.

Cracked transmission seal:

The transmission seal keeps the hydraulic pressure in the line. This seal is in continuous exposure to heat, which can cause the seal to wear, and so it causes the leakage of transmission fluid.

Broken fluid line:

The transmission lines are designed to be sturdy and strong. But continuous exposure to heat can cause damage to it. This can lead to the development of cracks and cause the fluid to leak, which will reduce the functioning of your car and make it more susceptible to danger.

These are some of the probable reasons that can cause transmission fluid leakage. In either of these conditions, you must seek professional assistance who can help you with transmission leak repair. The average cost may range between $100 and $250. The mechanic may recommend the replacement of some of the parts in the required areas. Hence, you must not ignore the servicing and maintenance of your car.  Keeping a check on the proper functioning of the car will ensure its seamless functioning in the long run.

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