Avoid Needing A Tow

We all have experienced the need for towing vehicle in some part of our lives. Some say that there is nothing one can do to reduce the chance of needing a tow but there are plenty of things that reduce the chance of needing roadside assistance. Here are Five Ways that can decrease the chance that you will need a tow.

Keep your Vehicle Tuned UP

Time-to-time tuning doesn’t hurt your vehicle. If you took your car for tune-up a little earlier than it needed, it doesn’t hurt, but if you have delayed that visit, the chances are you’ll regret it. Cars need occasional maintenance and oil changes, depending on their make year and usage. Newer cars don’t need oil change that early; the oil will be changed after around 5–6 miles. In the case of old cars, most car specialists advise keeping with the rule that whatever the condition seems like, make habit of bringing your vehicle for oil change after 3000 miles.

Keep Track of Your Vehicles Gas

It is human nature that we sometimes forget the important tasks that cause us trouble in the future.  You can do few things to ensure that you don’t run out of gas.

  • You can setup some point in gas gauge to fill up the tank that you decide to be a danger point. This way, you can prevent the situation where you are standing on the road with empty tank.
  • Here is another practice that you can adopt:. Instead of watching the gas gauge and deciding when you’ll need to fill it up,. Make it a part of your routine to fill the tank even when there is still gas remaining.  By making a schedule, you’ll always have sufficient miles in your tank.
  • You can also keep a few gallons of gas in your garage but use it occasionally, as if you keep it for long, the gas will deteriorate with time and when you put that in your tank, it will cause engine problems for sure.

Use the Gas Filling Time Optimally

Gas filling takes a little time, as does checking the essentials. While you are at the gas station, here is a list of few things that will not take much time but are very important indeed.

  • Check your tires. If one is lower than the other one, get it checked.
  • Your vehicle may start showing the effects of aging at any time, so it is better to keep an eye on engine oil. Sometimes the engine starts reducing oil, that affects its functionality and can cause serious problem on the road too.

Keep a Spare tire and learn how to Change one

Changing the tire is no rocket science at all. Blocked Driveway Towing services in Flushing can take time, What if you are in hurry and your vehicle decided to give you a flat tire? It is better to be prepared for it before it happens. Changing a tire usually takes from 10 to 15 minutes. Roadside assistance usually takes more than that to reach you and they will take the same time to change the tire. If you know how to change one, it will not only save you money but also lot of precious Time.  Knowing how to Jump-Start a vehicle is another thing that you should know, as you don’t know when you need it.

Have Tool kit with you and Help Others

There are a few tools that can help one out in situations where one will need to call a towing or road assistance company. Basic tools include

  • Screw Drivers
  • Jack & its stand
  • Hammer
  • Multi Wrench
  • Jumper Cables

If you stop to help someone, one thing is for sure:. By helping others, you are actually helping yourself.  It will not only give you more knowledge and practice, but it will also help you out with situations in the future. Also, if you don’t help someone in time of need, the chances are that you’ll stand alone when you are in need of assistance, as it is nature’s law that the good we do to other’s returns to us in ways we haven’t even imagined.

Keep yourself prepared, and the chances of you needing a tow will decrease for sure.

By Editor